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Thruxton No.2 28th & 29th August 2021

Thruxton Race 1

Although we started this morning in bright sunshine (and it has just gone sunny again now), the race was held in cold and cloudy conditions with the track temperature dropping over 10 degrees in the half hour before the race. This weekend marks the start of the second half in the 2021 season and so far this season

We start race 1 with Ash in P7 and Aiden P18 and Carl unfortunately lower down the grid in 26th after some issues yesterday. Once in the pack, Thruxton is notoriously difficult to pass on and so the guys really had their work cut out. In the opening stages, Aiden was able to make some early passes, but then unfortunately put a wheel on the grass and lost 5 places in the process. Carl, despite a tough race gained a couple of places to finish in 24th, but it was Ash who starred again.

The final place in the top five eventually went to our championship leader Ash, who showed hugely impressive pace despite carrying maximum success ballast in the Laser Tools car.

After a number of eye-catching passes Sutton hounded Rory Butcher’s Toyota until the finish, before settling for significant championship points gains from Tom Ingram and Colin Turkington. Ash now leads the Championship by 19 points and the team remain at the top of their respective title hopes.

We move on now to Race 2 with Ash hoping for a podium and Aiden and Carl hoping for points. We’ll bring you the action later!

Thruxton Race 2

Thruxton where the sun has come out and it is time for race 2. Ash starts in 5th, Aiden in 16th and Carl in 24th and we are really hoping for some great points to build on our fantastic season so far.

Let’s start by saying what a fantastic effort the boys put in as a whole with both Ash and Carl making up 3 places in the race with Aiden bringing in more points for himself and the team!

Mind you, there was really only one story from this race and that was our very own Ash. Starting in 5th place, Ash got a great start and after 2 laps he was up to 3rd. Then taking 2nd he set out after the leader, Josh Cook on lap4, with cook having a 2.5 second lead.

On the ragged edge, Ash was reeling him in at half a second a lap and on lap 10 he made his move and was through. Ash was then able to maintain his lead through to the end after possibly the most exciting drive of the season.

The win means that Ash is now 36 points ahead of Tom Ingram and the team is now 15 points clear at the top of the teams table.

We move on now to Race 3 with Ash starting in 8th after the reverse grid and hoping for a podium plus Aiden starting 13th and Carl in 21st hoping for more points. We’ll bring you the action later!

We are delaying the race 3 report as it is unclear whether there will be penalties applied at the front of the grid which will affect our position and all of the points!!

Watch this space!!

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