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Carl’s Father Richard originally competed on the Small Ovals himself and it only took one visit to his local Oval Raceway in Ipswich, to convince Carl that this was Motorsport was also  'for him' and his first Stock Rod Racer was purchased. It was not long before the desire to win became too great and another Stock Rod was purchased from one of the UK's top Drivers.

Although success did come Carl's way in the Stock Rod class, he had his sights set on the Elite class of the National Hot Rods and he moved into this class before he had really dominated the Stock Rods.

Dominating National Hot Rods was something that Carl certainly did and from humble beginnings with a Peugeot 206, he was one of the first Drivers to campaign the Vauxhall Tigra, dominating the sport for over half a decade with multi - Championship wins and to this day, Carl is the only Driver in history to become National Hot Rod Champion an incredible four times consecutively!

Champions are not only defined by their number of titles, Carl also set an incredible bar of high standard motorsport preparation and the ethos of literally 'getting to know a car right down its last nut and bolt'.

Carl's close - knit Team around him also knew Carl and the car to the same degree and the mindset and logic was given that this could be applied in other forms of Motorsport too.

Although having left the Small Ovals behind in terms of competition personally, Carl is still very much involved in National Hot Rod, Slick Car and Silhouette Racing via the Ginetta National Hot Rod that he designed and developed in the Carl Boardley Motorsport workshops. In just a few years, over twenty Ginetta variants have been built and purchased by some of the UK's and Mainland Europe's leading Drivers.

It's not just complete cars either, CBM Race Engines have powered many Drivers to victory including Scotsman Rob McDonald who took this years National Hot Rod World Championship Title.

Carl's knowledge of racing and race cars is infectious and a few moments in conversation with Carl convinces anyone in his presence that his consumate professionalism is the key to his success both on and off the circuit.  

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