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Carl Boardley was born in Ipswich, Suffolk on 7th December 1975. As a youngster, his interest was mainly Football and after completing his education at Northgate High School, he joined the Boardley & Roberts Family Business of Electric Motor and Pump Engineering.

Although still enjoying the odd game of Football, young Boardley's attentions soon focused on cars - (Carl’s Father Richard had competed on the Small Ovals some years earlier). It only took one visit to his local Oval Raceway in Ipswich, to convince Carl that this was 'for him' and his first Stock Rod Racer was purchased. It was not long before the desire to win became too great and another Stock Rod was purchased from one of the UK's top Drivers.

Although success did come Carl's way, he had his sights set on the Elite class of the National Hot Rods and he moved into this class before he had really dominated the Stock Rods.

However! Dominating National Hot Rods was something that Carl certainly did and from humble beginnings with a Peugeot 206, he was one of the first Drivers to campaign the Vauxhall Tigra, dominating the sport with several Championship wins and so far, the only Driver in history to become National Hot Rod Champion an incredible four times consecutively!

Champions are not only defined by their number of titles, Carl also set an incredible bar of high standard motorsport preparation and the ethos of 'getting to know a car right down its last nut and bolt'. His Team around him also knew Carl well and the car and the mindset was given that this could be applied in other forms of Motorsport too.

With the birth of V8 Eurocar racing and UK Pick Up racing, Carl gradually moved from the small ovals and so a new era of Carl Boardley Motorsport began. With the same successful combination of Crew and Preparation, wins and podiums followed whilst CBM continued to build engines and assist Drivers in National Hot Rods.

Whilst on the long circuits, the Ginetta GT4 Supercup caught Carl's eye and the Eurocar changed hands whilst the Pick Up was 'parked up'. In his first year of racing in Ginetta GT4, Carl finished third in the Championship and life was good. A health issue and a year full of bad luck followed, but by early 2018 another GT4 had been delivered from Ginetta and this time was to be maintained by Team Hard in Kent to allow Carl the time to concentrate on the Family Business and Family - although he still managed to design, develop and start production of the Ginetta National Hot Rod in the interim!

With most of the Team reunited, the 2018 campaign was successful to say the least with six wins, fourteen podium finishes and no DNF's! A midsummer one - off outing in the vacant Jake Hill's Team Hard VWCC BTCC Racer at Knockhill was enough to wet Carl's appetite for BTCC action and whilst the Ginetta GT4 Supercup campaign went to the wire with a runner - up spot, the seed had been sewn and for 2019 Carl took up the option of a full time Drive with Team Hard in the Kwikfit/MSA BTCC Championship. 

For the 2020 BTCC Championship, Carl has purchased a Race Winning BMW 1 Series from the Championship and has fully prepared the car to his liking before running it again with Team Hard.

'Buckle - Up' with us as we say thank you to the NHS and we remember those that have succombed to COVID - 19 as we finally approach the start of the 2020 Championship - the rest of our story begins right here!


2018 Ginetta GT4 Supercup: 6 wins, 14 podiums and NO DNF's. SECOND OVERALL POSITION IN CHAMPIONSHIP 


2012 Pickup Truck Racing Championship: 3 wins, 7 podiums, 3 fastest laps
         National Hot Rods Racing Spedeweekend race winner and National Championships race winner

2011 Pickup Truck Racing Championship: Rockingham Championship 3rd place, 3 wins, 7 podiums, 6 fastest laps

2010 Pickup Truck Racing Championship: 5 meetings, 1 win, 4 podiums, 2 fastest laps 
         National Hot Rods

2009 Pickup Truck Racing Championship debut: Rockingham Motorspeedway oval only
          National Hot Rods: World Champion, European Championship runner-up, National Champion

2008 National Hot Rods: World Champion, European Championship runner-up, English Champion, National Points Champion, National Champion

2007 National Hot Rods: World Champion, European Champion, Continental Championship runner-up

2006 National Hot Rods: World Champion, English Champion, National Points Champion, Thunder 500 Champion, National Championship 4th place

2005 National Hot Rods: European Championship 3rd place

2004 National Hot Rods: National Points Championship runner-up, British Championship runner-up

2003 National Hot Rods: World Championship 2nd place, National Champion, British Championship runner-up, National Points Championship runner-up

2002 National Hot Rods: World Championship 3rd place, National Points Championship 5th place

2001 National Hot Rods: World Championship 5th place, National Champion, National Points Championship runner-up